Technology advantage

The technology system of the company for customers improve production efficiency, reduce production cost and improve the quality of products play an important role, the company has for Wei founded group, Foxconn Technology Group Co., Ltd. and other companies to provide technical service

Marketing advantage

In the process of electronic manufacturing process products are in compliance with the process design of the function and performance, to achieve the best cost performance or performance of the application.

Talent advantage

The company has more than 20 professional electronic processing technology research and development engineers and more than 50 practical experience in electronic manufacturing products application engineer, can provide customers with various types of services


The pursuit of perfect quality is our goal, ultra lightweight brilliant animation, compatibility strong, for you to create a memorable site effect, give you bring more customers!

Corporate culture Corporate culture

1, dare to innovateInnovation is the primary characteristic of XX enterprise, is daring to dare to try, dare to do.XX is the first of the urban transformation of the old district of enterprises; XX is the first cross regional development of..


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  • 2018-05-11 奇妙美式家具风格(en)

    美式家具传达了单纯、休闲、有组织、多功能的设计思想,最迷人之处还在于造型、纹路、雕饰以及色调的细腻与高贵,耐人寻味处透露亘古而久远的芬芳。 一般而言,美式家具必须经过几个阶段的作业才能凸显美式风格。首先,不同木材和不同部位的各色各样的稀有纹理乃至树木生长期中由于病理变化产生的特殊纹理都是美式家具的最爱;其次,木材的处理方式采用自然烘干或炉烘,除去木头间的空隙并将纹路间的空隙适度收缩以避免卷曲变形(en)


Studio in these years of continuous development, has accumulated a large number of visual design, program development, user experience a series of enterprise customer service experience, sit to take the customer as the center, make according to customer demand for products and services. Customers include Japan, North America, Europe, Australia and other overseas regions, and by the affirmation and encouragement of these customers.

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